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pgAdmin, Postgres, docker network

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Exploring the database & pgAdmin

A sample SQL statement to see what we have.

SELECT max(tpep_pickup_datetime), min(tpep_pickup_datetime), max(total_amount) FROM yellow_taxi_data;

pgCLI allows for quickly looking into data. But the more convenient way to work with a postgres database is to use the pgAdmin tool which is a web based GUI tool.


Rather than installing pgAdmin directly we can use docker to install pgAdmin container.

To pull the docker image:


to run the container:

docker run -it \\\\
  -e PGADMIN_DEFAULT_EMAIL="[email protected]" \\\\
  -p 8080:80 \\\\

We will be making the requests we will be sending will be to port 8080, which will forwarded to port 80 of the container.

Running pgAdmin